Salt & Pepper Oyster Mushrooms

Recipe: Salt & Pepper Oyster Mushrooms with crispy garlic, shallots and chilli

David and Charlotte Bailey have taken the British street market scene by storm with vibrant, healthy vegetarian and vegan cuisine sold from their ‘Wholefood Heaven’ truck. Their food is not about what’s missing – it’s about maximizing the potential and flavour of plant-based ingredients.

The Fresh Vegan KitchenThe Fresh Vegan Kitchen* is packed with dishes from regions with a long tradition of vegetarian eating, such as Asia and India Read more

Four Filling Vegan Bagel Toppings

Recipe: Four Fabulously Filling Bagel Toppings

Imaginatively-topped bagels are always near or at the top of my ideal lunch league table. (And yes, I do spend far too much time thinking about the merits of jacket potatoes vs. crusty rolls, etc.). OK, so bagels are now considered a bit ‘ninties’, but who cares? These four toppings are actually vegan, but pack a punch on the protein front so will keep you full ’till dinnertime without question.  Read more

Rice Noodle Salad with Mango

Recipe: Rice Noodle Salad with Mango

I almost called this recipe ‘Cheat’s Rice Noodle Salad’ as I used a ready-made bottle of chilli, lime & coriander salad dressing from a supermarket.  But is that really cheating? Or is it just making clever use of available resources?  In any case, this got two-thumbs up all round at home, and is very quick to throw together thanks to the ready-made dressing! Read more

Roasted Cauliflower & Cumin Soup

Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower & Cumin Soup with puy lentils

After a taste of some warm summer sunshine over the last week, Saturday was a bit of a dreary day, and reminded us that it is, after all, still April.  I really fancied some soup with crusty bread, but the fridge was looking more than a little bare.  One soggy cauliflower sat looking grey and sorry for itself at the back of the fridge, with nothing but a lonely onion for company.  So here’s what happened.

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Warm Six-Spiced Party Nuts

Recipe: Warm Six-Spiced Party Nuts

Warning: seriously more-ish.

Salty, spicy, smoky and sweet – these warm toasted nuts are the perfect sophisticated nibble to serve with drinks.  A bit more special and ‘homemade’ than a bowl of crisps, they will take less than 15 minutes from turning on the oven to handing round in a bowl, and are most definitely worth the effort. Read more

Baked Tortellini & Broccoli with a garlic bread crust

Recipe: Baked Tortellini & Broccoli with a garlic bread crust

A great crowd-pleasing cheesy pasta bake, this could be sub-titled “can’t-be-bothered-to-make-a-lasagne”.  It is very quick to assemble – with everything to hand, this could be in the oven in less than 10 minutes, and on the table in under half an hour.  There’s a challenge. Read more

Cherry Cordial

Recipe: Cherry Cordial

We had a 2nd birthday to celebrate this week, and as the weather was unseasonably lovely I took the opportunity to make some refreshing and deliciously fruity homemade cherry cordial.  “Cherries?”, I hear you cry… “but they’re not in season until July”.  Well here I’ve used a packet of frozen cherries instead.

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Red Onion Marmalade Roly-Poly

Recipe: Feta & Red Onion Marmalade Roly-Poly

Here’s a hearty vegetarian Sunday lunch centrepiece, a savoury take on the great British classic jam roly-poly.  Made from steamed suet pastry, roly-poly is designed to be stodgy, but in my book that makes the perfect receptacle to soak up plenty of gravy, served alongside a pile of roast potatoes and spring greens.  Here, the red onions are slow-cooked with red wine, and encased with feta and spinach in a steamed walnut and lemon pastry. Read more

Hot Cross Bun Steamed Pudding

Recipe: Hot Cross Bun Steamed Pudding with chocolate chips

Steamed puddings are such a treat, but I don’t often get around to making one.  Please don’t think that this is a long-winded pudding – you will have the ingredients thrown together in less than 5 minutes, then you can pretty much leave it alone during the 2 hour steaming time. Ideal for Easter Sunday lunch – prepare this first, and have it steaming away whilst you cook the main course.

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Jerusalem Artichoke Boulangéres

Recipe: Jerusalem Artichoke Boulangères

If, like me, you could happily eat gratin dauphinois every day of the week, but are sensible enough not to as one portion contains roughly a million calories, then this boulangères method of cooking root vegetables might just be for you.  It is similar in that vegetables are thinly sliced and layered, but cooked in stock and milk rather than cream.  It works brilliantly with almost any root veg – traditionally potato, but also celeriac, parsnip, even carrot.   Read more

Swiss-style Homity Pie

Recipe: Swiss-style Homity Pie

Cranks restaurant opened in London’s Carnaby Street in 1961, one of the first vegetarian restaurants in the UK, and is credited as a major factor in the spread of vegetarianism in recent decades.  So I was thrilled when they got in touch recently to ask me to give a makeover to their signature dish, Homity Pie. Read more

Earl Grey Buttermilk Pancakes

Recipe: Earl Grey Buttermilk Pancakes

I do love a nice cup of tea, and the delicate, citrussy Earl Grey is one of my favourites.  These little fluffy buttermilk pancakes would be perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast or brunch.  They are packed with tea-sozzled sultanas and pecan nuts, and absolutely must be served with a generous drizzle of honey. Read more

Borlotti & Red Wine Pie

Recipe: Borlotti & Red Wine Pie topped with kale mash

Here’s a rich and hearty pie recipe – perfect for Sunday lunch or a filling supper for a cozy evening in.  The slow-cooked borlotti beans and chestnut mushrooms give the filling a really (dare I say) meaty texture, and the red wine forms a lovely thick gravy… definitely one to serve up to veggie-sceptic carnivores!

If you were in a hurry and wanted to save making mashed potato, try frozen mash instead, or else ready-made puff or shortcrust pastry would also make a lovely pie crust.

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Dhal stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Recipe: Spicy Dhal-stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Here’s a speedy weeknight supper making the most of some of the great supermarket indian takeaway dishes around at the moment.

 Spicy Dhal-stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Dhal Stuffed Sweet Potatoes - ingredients

Vegan (check ingredients of shop-bought dhal) Read more