Sicilian Orzo with Cauliflower & Saffron

Recipe: Sicilian Orzo with Cauliflower & Saffron

I tend to think of cauliflower as a wintry vegetable, so thought twice about posting this in the middle of a heatwave here in the UK.  But in fact it’s in season almost all year round and used a lot in the Mediterranean and Middle East in light and summery dishes served in even more blisteringly hot temperatures than ours!

Orzo is a short-cut pasta shape which resembles grains of rice, and I think of this as a cross between a pasta dish and a risotto.  Here it is combined with the finest flavours of Sicilian cuisine – saffron-roasted cauliflower and courgettes, zingy lemon, toasted pine nuts, sozzled sultanas and fresh parsley, to create a warm, summery supper.  Perfect for eating outside with a glass of chilled white wine!  Read more

Cherry Tomato Tarte Tatin

Recipe: Cherry Tomato Tarte Tatin

There are a plethora (love that word) of recipes out there for tomato tartes tatin, and they are surprisingly different. Many look prettier than mine, in that the tomatoes remain plump and neat as they are cooked for a much shorter time.  However after a few experiments I found that they just spurt their juice everywhere when sliced and are disappointingly watery.

So here I pre-cook the tomatoes, and deliberately give them a bit of a squash with a fork so the juices run into the pan.  These juices are then cooked down with some sugar and balsamic vinegar to make a sticky glaze which gives some real ‘oomph’ to the tomatoes and a deep savoury-ness to what could otherwise be a bit of a bland tart.  Read more

Posh Brunch Egg on Toast

Recipe: Posh Brunch Egg on Toast

A seven-course all-vegetarian tasting menu at a luxury spa hotel in the beautiful surroundings of the New Forest.  Doesn’t that just sound like the perfect veggie weekend away?  Read more

Spanish Tortilla with Jersey Royals and Spring Vegetables

Recipe: Spanish Tortilla with Jersey Royals and Spring Greens

Jersey Royals really are potato royalty, and must be treated with the greatest of respect.  They have a very distinctive flavour, unlike most other potato varieties, and should be boiled until just tender with their papery skins still intact.

Here they are paired with their springtime partners of asparagus, peas and spring onions, in a delicious and traditional Spanish tortilla.
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Speedy & Spicy Spaghetti Sauce

Recipe: Speedy & Spicy Spaghetti Sauce

Imagine a spaghetti sauce so packed with flavour from chilli, capers, olives and garlic that you never want to open a jar of pasta sauce again.  Now imagine a spaghetti sauce so quick to make that you can start it after putting your pasta on to boil, and it will be ready to eat at the same time as your spaghetti.  Look no further – this Speedy & Spicy Spaghetti Sauce is just what you’re looking for.

This is my vegetarian version of the classic Spaghetti alla Puttanesca (quite literally ‘tart’s spaghetti’!) – the authentic Italian version contains anchovies which I’ve obviously left out here. 
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Creamy Jalapeno Mini Pepper Bites A

Recipe: Creamy Jalapeno Mini-Pepper Bites

“Oh my word, those are AMAZING”.  I would love to say I had that reaction to everything I cooked/invented, but these were, apparently, unexpectedly good! These lovely little mini-peppers were on special offer at the supermarket and just too cute to resist. But what to do with them?  These bite-sized party nibbles are stuffed with a more-ish spicy filling of cream cheese, jalapenos, spring onion and coriander.

They might look like a terrible fiddle to make, but in fact these were ready to eat within 20 minutes of turning on the oven.  Whilst the peppers roast for 15 minutes, you simply blitz the other 4 ingredients together in a mini-chopper/blender, then slice off the tops and stuff.  Simples!   Read more


Recipe Roundup: 10 Vegetarian Pie, Tart and Pasty Recipes

The selection of 10 vegetarian pie, tart and pasty recipes below are a selection of my very favourite savoury pastry dishes.  Most are very versatile, and could be served cold with a picnic or buffet lunch, or hot with roasted veg and gravy for a hearty Sunday dinner.   Read more

Tenderstem & Camembert Croissant Tarts

Recipe: Tenderstem & Camembert Croissant Tarts

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Tenderstem®

If, on a first date, somebody served me a dinner involving melting Camembert, Tenderstem® broccoli and croissant dough, the likelihood is that I would marry them on the spot.

When the lovely folks at Tenderstem® asked me to get involved with their ‘Date Night’ campaign, creating dishes to enjoy on a date night at home, I couldn’t resist.  A beautiful wicker hamper duly arrived in the post packed with lovely Tenderstem®, and all sorts of delicious ingredients to play with – garlic, lemon, massaman curry paste, hollandaise sauce, chinese five spice, limes, butter, and so on.  ‘Food for thought’ doesn’t come close!  Read more

Broad Bean & Lemon Cheesecake

Recipe: Broad Bean, Spring Onion & Lemon Cheesecake

If you’re vegetarian, eating at Michelin-recommended Vanilla Black is an absolute must any time you find yourself in London.  A quick look at their website will give you the idea – we’re talking vegetarian food like no other.

However I must admit that when I was offered a copy of their new book* for review, I did rather jump to the conclusion that it would be one of those arty farty cookbooks that are lovely to flick through Read more