Pecan & Maple Banana Pancakes

Recipe: Pecan & Maple Banana Pancakes (vegan)

With Shrove Tuesday looming, I’ve been experimenting with some dairy-free pancake recipes, (since Veganuary I haven’t particularly fancied the milk, egg and butter-laden traditional version).  These were definitely the best of the bunch – they are sweet from the bananas, with a lovely crunch of toasted pecans, and dotted with chewy sultanas…. no weird health-food-shop ingredients in sight!  The batter is so light and airy that they taste like the very best American-style buttermilk pancakes.  I should have done a blind taste test on friends and family, as I’m positive no one would guess these are actually vegan.

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January (Veganuary!) 2016: Recipes & Reviews

Well this is embarrassing.  It is a whole week since January (Veganuary) ended and I’ve only just got around to this ‘Recipes & Reviews’ post.  I’m sure the suspense has been unbearable.  As always, here’s a whistle-stop tour of my most popular recipes of the month, lovely books I have been sent to review, and all sorts of yummy things which have popped through my letterbox. Continue reading “January (Veganuary!) 2016: Recipes & Reviews”

Crusty Cider & Onion Loaf

Recipe: Crusty Cider & Onion Loaf (and a Thermapen Thermometer Giveaway!)

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Breadmaking is one of life’s simple pleasures that I don’t get around to nearly often enough.  The process is a brilliant combination of art and science – art in deciding on flavourings, toppings, loaf shape, and the skill of kneading and shaping.  But the science-y bit really brings out my inner geek…. yeast activation, gluten development, proving times and temperatures.  Continue reading “Recipe: Crusty Cider & Onion Loaf (and a Thermapen Thermometer Giveaway!)”

Creamy Vegan Lasagne Sauce

Recipe: Creamy Vegan Lasagne Sauce

Veganuary-heartThis is my last Veganuary post as the month draws to a close, (though there will be lots more vegan recipes coming up, don’t fear!), and I thought I would share one of my very favourite “but surely that can’t be vegan” meals, my super-duper vegan lasagne.

The big surprise is the intensely creamy, velvety, even (dare I say) “cheesy” sauce layer, for which the recipe is below.  For the other tomato-ey ‘mince’ layers I used a batch of my Slow-Cooked Borlotti Bean Chilli from the freezer, bulked out with some soya mince and extra veg to make it stretch a bit further.   Continue reading “Recipe: Creamy Vegan Lasagne Sauce”

Oaty Banana Smoothie Bowl

Recipe: Oaty Banana Smoothie Bowl

Veganuary-heartBreakfasts during Veganuary have often looked a bit like this, a concoction known as ‘Smorridge‘ in our house… a cross between a smoothie and porridge.  The great thing about smorridge, (or an oaty smoothie bowl if you prefer), is that it has all the advantages of porridge, (keeping you full until lunchtime, lots of health benefits of eating oats regularly, oh and tasting awesome), but without the need for all that stirring and waiting… I’m not very good at either of those first thing in the morning.  Continue reading “Recipe: Oaty Banana Smoothie Bowl”

Curly Kale & Butterbean Soup

Recipe: Curly Kale & Butter Bean Soup (an Optimum ThermoCook Recipe)

Veganuary-heartMy lunches during Veganuary have often featured lovely homemade soups made at the touch of a button in my trusty Optimum ThermoCook.  (If you haven’t heard about the ThermoCook, read my review here – I’m smitten!).  However, I’m conscious that soup isn’t always as protein-packed as it could be, so have been sneaking beans, lentils, quinoa, peas and all sorts of other vegan protein sources into my soups.

This one was particularly delicious – against all the odds.  When I was shopping for my Cranks Supperclub in December I thought I had picked up 4 tins of chickpeas.   Continue reading “Recipe: Curly Kale & Butter Bean Soup (an Optimum ThermoCook Recipe)”

Ultimate Vegan Victoria Sponge

Recipe: How to make the Ultimate Vegan Victoria Sponge

Veganuary-heartThis is now the third year that I’ve taken part in Veganuary, and each year I’ve found new and different ways to recreate vegan versions of all the dairy-laden foods I’ve been missing.  Cakes and biscuits are, unfortunately, one of the things I find hardest to give up, and last weekend after a long, chilly and very muddy walk, I needed a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

I searched t’internet for some failsafe vegan cake recipes, but found that a very large proportion of them were both vegan and gluten-free.   Continue reading “Recipe: How to make the Ultimate Vegan Victoria Sponge”

Purple Sprouting Broccoli Farro Risotto Bake

Recipe: Purple Sprouting Broccoli Baked Farro Risotto

Veganuary-heartIt might have a tounge-twister of a title, but this is just the sort of juicy comfort-food supper with a crispy crust that is perfect for these freezing cold January (Veganuary!) evenings.

If you’re not familiar with Farro, you should be!  It’s a grain similar to pearl barley, but dried to become chewy and nutty when cooked, (rather than the more fluffy and spongy barley). The ancient Romans ate a lot of it, in the form of bread, porridge and soup before they got hold of wheat.  These days it is awfully trendy, and used in salads, soups, stews, and pasta dishes.  Continue reading “Recipe: Purple Sprouting Broccoli Baked Farro Risotto”