33 Vegan Sunday Lunch Recipes you need to know about…..

Vegan Sunday Lunch Ideas

Having published ‘34 Vegetarian Sunday Lunch Recipes you need to know about last year, I thought it was about time I got round to putting together a vegan version.  These are all delicious vegan meals which could be served alongside roast potatoes, gravy, lots of veg and all the trimmings, or perhaps a centrepiece for a big family meal.

Catering for a vegan can be daunting if its not something you do often, but I hope the 33 recipes below will provide some ideas and inspiration for Sunday Lunches and Roast Dinners, ranging from the simplest of throw-together meals to recipes for more confident cooks.  So here goes…. 33 Vegan Sunday Lunch Recipes you NEED to know about!



  1. Easy as Pie Pasties from Tinned Tomatoes
  1. Mushroom & Merlot Posh Pasties from The Veg Space
  1. Veggie Pot Pie Pasties from Amuse Your Bouche 



  1. Lentil Roast with Gravy from Wallflower Kitchen
  1. Chestnut and Cashew Nut Roast from Thinly Spread
  1. Butternut Squash, Carrot & Quinoa Nut Roast from Gluten Free SCD and Veggie


  1. Stuffed Cashew Nut Roast from Gluten Free Alchemist [correction – since the author submitted this recipe it has been spotted that this is not vegan, sorry – dairy-free cheese and milk could be used instead, and leave out the egg yolk] 
  1. Lentil & Brazil Nut Roast from Tin & Thyme
  1. Vegan Nut Roast from Jamie Oliver



  1. Baked Portobello Mushrooms with Cranberry & Pistachio Stuffing from Riverford Organics
  1. Stuffed Butternut Roast from The Veg Space
  1. Vegan Haggis Stuffed Peppers from Planet Veggie 


  1. Roasted Aubergine Cabbage Rolls from Rough Measures
  1. Cider & Barley Stuffed Tomatoes from The Veg Space
  1. Iranian Stuffed Aubergine by The Vegan Society for BBC Good Food 



  1. Veggie Shepherds Pie Jacket Potatoes from The Veg Space
  1. Creamy Mushroom & Sweet Potato Pie from Bunny Kitchen
  1. Borlotti & Red Wine Pie with Kale Mash from The Veg Space


  1. Mushroom, Ale & Lentil Pie from The Veg Space
  1. Picnic Pies from Thinly Spread
  1. Kale Pesto & Cauliflower Pies from The Veg Space 



  1. Mushroom & Stout Pudding from Suma
  1. Savoury Mushroom & Leek Pudding from Allotment2Kitchen
  1. Vegetable Bread Pudding from Veg Kitchen



  1. Butternut Mac from Veggie Inspired Journey
  1. Ultimate Lazy Veggie Lasagne from The Veg Space
  1. Veggie Sausage and Sun Dried Tomato One Pot Pasta from The Veg Space



  1. Porcini & Polenta Sausages from The Veg Space
  1. Vegan Yorkshire Puddings from Bunny Kitchen
  1. Purple Sprouting Broccoli Farro Risotto Bake from The Veg Space


  1. Broccoli, Kale, Chilli & Hazelnut Pizza from The Veg Space
  1. Beetroot Bourguignon from Rough Measures
  1. Oven Baked Pumpkin & Leek Risotto from The Veg Space

That’s it! I hope you’ve found some ideas or inspiration…. let me know your favourites in the comments below!


  1. I am in heaven right now. These all look amazing! Sunday lunch food is my kind of food 🙂 I am especially excited about the mushroom ale pie and those yorkshire puddings <3 Thanks for including my lentil roast too!

  2. Excellent – I’m always after vegan recipes my boyfriend will eat as he won’t eat anything that looks too ‘vegan’ if you know what I mean!

  3. Wow! That is quite the collection of awesome recipes! Thanks for including my Butternut Mac!

  4. Lots of amazing recipes ideas. Where to start?! 😀

  5. Fabulous round up. Sitting here drooling. Thanks for including one of mine. Shared 🙂
    Jacqueline Meldrum recently posted…Vegetarian Picnic EggsMy Profile

  6. What a fabulous post. I’m never going to run out of vegan dinner ideas again. It’s never occurred to me to make vegan pasties before, but they all look so good.
    Choclette recently posted…Marley Spoon Recipe Box – Review and Giveaway #78My Profile

  7. A good Sunday lunch is always a highlight of the week! People often think it has to revolve around meat, but that’s not the case at all, as these recipes show! Will take a while to work my way through all these! 😀
    Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche recently posted…Veggie-stuffed savoury pancakes with feta cheese sauceMy Profile

  8. What a collection! Pinned for next time I’m cooking a proper Sunday lunch 🙂
    Natalie Tamara @TheTofuDiaries recently posted…Mint & Avocado Hummus Recipe | VeganMy Profile

  9. Oh my!!! I’m drooling! What an amazing round up! Thank you for including two of my recipes 🙂

  10. Wow Some of these look absolutely incredible! I have come across your website as I have recently started eating a more vegetarian diet and I am full of inspiration looking through all of these recipes. People gave me the impression that vegetarian and vegan food would be bland and boring, but by the look of most these recipes they look mouth watering good!

  11. Wowwww ! All of those look so appetizing. I love vega foods. They are not too fatty. Especially, I am being on a diet. My favorite food is stuffed peppers. You also can use tomatoes instead. But I prefer peppers. They are very colorful, will help you to highlight weekend meals. And now, I am wondering that what to serve with this dish. I am thinking a vegetable, possibly a garden salad or maybe asparagus? Sounds not too bad ! <3 Thanks for sharing!

  12. They all look delicious. The nut roast are fab, I would love to try those, I would love to try all of them.
    Anca recently posted…Bok Choi with tofuMy Profile

  13. The gorgeous looking stuffed cashew nut roast contains egg, so isn’t vegan. Can you just leave out the egg or would you need to replace it with something?

    1. Sorry not to have spotted that Daniela, and thanks for letting me know. I’ve added a note next to the recipe – yes I think given the amount of cheese (for which you could substitute in dairy-free cheese) this would still bind together well without the egg yolk.

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