Recipe: Oaty Banana Smoothie Bowl

Oaty Banana Smoothie Bowl

Veganuary-heartBreakfasts during Veganuary have often looked a bit like this, a concoction known as ‘Smorridge‘ in our house… a cross between a smoothie and porridge.  The great thing about smorridge, (or an oaty smoothie bowl if you prefer), is that it has all the advantages of porridge, (keeping you full until lunchtime, lots of health benefits of eating oats regularly, oh and tasting awesome), but without the need for all that stirring and waiting… I’m not very good at either of those first thing in the morning.  Continue reading “Recipe: Oaty Banana Smoothie Bowl”

Recipe: Nutty Chocolate Granola

When will I ever learn not to go shopping on an empty stomach.  If you have tried Waitrose’s Seriously Chocolaty Triple Chocolate Crisp breakfast cereal you will know what I mean.  I would never buy it for myself, you understand, but if we have guests staying overnight it is a perfect excuse to buy some indulgent cereal the hospitable thing to do to get something naughty but nice in for breakfast.  Continue reading “Recipe: Nutty Chocolate Granola”

Recipe: Earl Grey Buttermilk Pancakes

Earl Grey Buttermilk Pancakes

I do love a nice cup of tea, and the delicate, citrussy Earl Grey is one of my favourites.  These little fluffy Earl Grey buttermilk pancakes would be perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast or brunch.  They are packed with tea-sozzled sultanas and pecan nuts, and absolutely must be served with a generous drizzle of honey. Continue reading “Recipe: Earl Grey Buttermilk Pancakes”