Recipe: Chunky Spring Vegetable Soup

Last night’s dinner was inspired by the burst of green coming from the fridge door – asparagus, courgette, peas and beans, watercress, spring onions – its that time of year when lovely green spring vegetables are coming into season.

This is a chunky soup, a meal in itself thanks to the addition of a handful of fragrant basmati rice, (jasmine or wild rice would work equally well). 

The combination of vegetables is just a suggestion – use anything green, fresh and seasonal thats lurking in your fridge.

But please don’t miss out my favourite ingredient here, the humble turnip.  I was a turnip-skeptic until trying out the most wonderful recipe from the Cranks Bible called ‘Stoved Turnips’ – I’ll tell you more about it some other time, but I’ve been a convert ever since.

Download a PDF Recipe Card

Make it vegan: Just omit the dash of double cream, or use soya or cashew cream instead.