Recipe: Easy-Peasy Everyday Korma

This isn’t a ‘recipe’ as such, just an 4-step method for creating a quick everyday Korma from any combination of ingredients you might have lurking in your fridge or storecupboard.  

The consistency of the sauce is key – not too watery, but not too thick and stodgy.  If you don’t have any lentils to hand you might want to add a bit less water, and equally you may need to add more water as it simmers to keep it moist and saucy.  If the veg is tender but the sauce is still very thin, just add some cornflour mixed to a paste with water and cook for another few minutes, or even better, McDougalls Thickening Granules. 

 Download a printable recipe card

Make it vegan: All the ingredients above are vegan, except for the yoghurt – but a plain soya yoghurt would work well here if you choose to use it.

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