Recipe: Mini Cheese & Onion Pasties

Mini Cheese & Onion Pasties


I am addicted to cheese & onion pasties.  Oh yes.

Everyone loves a pasty, and this is a perfect example of party or picnic food capable of raising a ‘phwoar’ from even the most hardened carnivore.  Oozing cheesy filling with an oniony tang, this is easy-peasy, using ready-rolled puff pastry and a one-pot filling.

They are at their best straight from the oven, or if picnicking, heat through and wrap them in foil before leaving home so they’re still warm.



Cheese & Onion Pasties



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  3. I have made this recipe so many times and love cooking it, you get the genuine taste from how it’s cooked

  4. How many pasties does this make?

    1. Hi Laura, it really depends on what size cutter you use but about 12 mini pasties. Enjoy!

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