Recipe: The Ploughman’s Stack

Ploughmans Stack

An assembly job rather than a recipe, this would be an ideal starter for an informal Summer Supper, or a light lunch.  Absolutely must be served with a cool and crisp glass of  scrumpy cider.

Elements:Bread I used a wholemeal soda bread from The Authentic Bread Company  which knocks the socks off anything I’ve found in supermarkets.  I flashed it in a griddle pan to get the rather pleasing toasted stripes.

Apple Slices: Once again flashed through a very hot griddle pan just before serving so they remain very crisp but with a hint of caramelised fruitiness.

Cheddar: Absolutely the crumbliest, most stinkingly vintage cheddar you can find, please.  Its the star of the dish, so worth splashing out on.

Pickled Onions: I have a bit of a reputation for my pickled onion habit, but not everyone wants to chomp through them whole by the dozen, (I exaggerate), so here they are thinly sliced so as not to be the only lasting memory of the dish.  If serving this is a starter be particularly reserved, or no-one will be able to taste your main course!

Chutney Drizzle: Here I’ve ‘let down’ some fairly smooth cider chutney by mixing with some oil and balsamic vinegar to make it drizzle-able.  A must-have, as there’s no other wet ingredients, and your rocket will be very dry without.

Rocket: ’nuff said.


The amazing soda bread, before demolishing:

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  1. Yum….I’ll have one for lunch please..

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