Recipe: Toffee Apple & Peanut Pudding

Toffee Apple & Peanut Pudding -

Some years ago I posted a recipe for Toffee Apple and Peanut puddings, but my camera batteries ran out before I had a chance to photograph them.

As the recipe was recently picked out by the lovely folk at Guardian Towers, I thought the time had come to make it again and take some proper photos.  The photo above was taken, obviously, before the peanut sponge topping was added, but shows the creamy toffee sauce at its best. 

Toffee Apple & Peanut Pudding.JPGSo, if you are tempted to give this one a go, here’s my hand-drawn recipe card, (click to download a print-able PDF):

Recipe - Toffee Apple & Peanut Puddings