Recipe: Avocado Lime Tarts + Cookbook Giveaway

Avocado Lime Tarts Vegan

Celebrating vegetables loud and proud is a big part of what The Veg Space is all about, so I’m properly excited to be sharing news with you of a new cookbook which is out today.  A blogging friend Kate (great name) writes the fabulous blog Veggie Desserts which is all about putting vegetables into cakes, muffins, biscuits, tarts, brownies, pastries and even ice cream, and also features healthy vegetarian and vegan meals, all full of vegetables, of course.

Veggie Desserts + Cakes by Kate Hackworthy is published by Pavilion Books, RRP £14.99.  The idea behind the book is that veggies bring moisture, natural sweetness and extra nutrients to baking.  Avocados make a Continue reading “Recipe: Avocado Lime Tarts + Cookbook Giveaway”

Recipe: Smoky Mexican Quinoa Soup

Smoky Mexican Quinoa Soup

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Here’s a quick weeknight supper which is smoky, spicy, packed with flavour and very filling.  (Oh and it’s really good for you too – bonus!).  Your taste buds will be transported to Mexico with every spoonful, thanks to the chipotle and smoked paprika, coriander, lime and spring onions.

The star of the show here is black quinoa, with its earthy, sweet flavour.  It is classed as a ‘complete protein’ containing 8 essential amino acids, and its delicious flavour and soft texture make it a perfect alternative to rice, pasta and cous-cous.  It really bulks out this soup into a meal in itself – perfect for a speedy and satisfying dinner.

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Recipe: Spelt Spaghetti with Avocado Pesto

Spelt Spaghetti & Avocado Pesto

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20 Min Meals | Vegetarian & VeganThere’s nothing more comforting than a big bowl of pasta, but traditional wheat products are usually highly processed and refined, leaving few useful nutrients.  Wheat is difficult to digest and can encourage inflammation in the body.  Spelt on the other hand, along with other ancient grains like quinoa, amaranth and millet, has not been refined in the same way, so is far more nutritious, and (for most people), really well tolerated.

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Recipe: Chipotle-Chocolate Beany Burritos

Chipotle-Chocolate Beany Burritos

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I love cooking ‘from scratch’ and try to do it as much as possible for all sorts of reasons, but in today’s hectic world most of us are on the lookout for time-saving opportunities. I have no shame at all in using shortcuts, ‘cheat’ ingredients and ready-made elements to a home cooked dish, to make feeding the family as quick and simple as possible whilst keeping dinners both nutritious and delicious.

Veetee rice is one of those shortcuts that I use a lot, simply because it tastes great, is so simple to pop in the microwave, and there’s no washing up or stressing about sticky, overcooked rice, (which happens to me all too often!).  There are all sorts of flavours to accompany different veggie dishes Continue reading “Recipe: Chipotle-Chocolate Beany Burritos”

Recipe: Marmite & Chilli Quarterpounder

Marmite & Chilli Quarterpounder

Here’s a cheeky veggie burger recipe for you to try this weekend.  Not one of those dry, crumbly, bland veggie burgers which never fail to disappoint in pubs and second-rate restaurants across the country, but a great big, juicy, lip-smackingly tasty quarterpounder.

I’m posting this in a hurry before setting off early tomorrow morning for Food Blogger Connect 2015 – a huge food blogging conference in Chiswick, London – SO exciting, and it will be great to meet so many food blogging friends ‘offline’ at last!  Continue reading “Recipe: Marmite & Chilli Quarterpounder”

Cheese Sandwich Week – Day 4: Melting Mexican Mini-Quesadillas

Melting Mexican Mini-Quesadillas | The Veg Spacea

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Is there anything more deliciously naughty-but-nice than oozing melted cheese?  Surely not, so I was more than excited to discover Leerdammer’s Toastie and Burger cheese – made to a richer, creamier recipe, just perfect for melting.  Of course I couldn’t just take their word for it, so tested it out with these bite-sized Melting Mexican Mini-Quesadillas.

I make quesadillas a lot, (as I’ve mentioned here and here), but thought I would have a go at something more sandwich-sized, (and easier to share with a toddler for lunch!).  Making these in a dry frying pan is super-quick and easy.  Made with avocado, red onion, salsa and fresh coriander, consider them a lovely Mexican twist on a cheese toastie. Continue reading “Cheese Sandwich Week – Day 4: Melting Mexican Mini-Quesadillas”

Cheese Sandwich Week – Day 1: The New York Cheese & Avocado Bagel

New York Cheese & Avocado Bagel | The Veg Space

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It’s Cheese Sandwich Week here at The Veg Space!  I’m taking part in the #BetterWithLeerdammer challenge in conjunction with Leerdammer.  This tasty cheese is extremely versatile and can be used in all sort of simple but delicious sandwiches, so I’ll be sharing my top 5 favourite cheese sandwich ideas every day this week.  (I hope regular readers don’t feel too bombarded with daily posts – normal service will resume next week, I promise!).

Day 1 uses Leerdammer Original in this juicy New York Bagel – a chewy sesame seed bagel filled with creamy smashed avocado and peppery rocket, topped with a soft-yolk poached egg.  Continue reading “Cheese Sandwich Week – Day 1: The New York Cheese & Avocado Bagel”

Recipe: Green Goddess Lunch Bowl

Green Goddess Lunch Bowl 2

20 Min Meals | Vegetarian & VeganPeople seem to think that all vegetarians love salad.  Not me.  The word “salad” conjures up images of a bowl of limp lettuce and dried out cucumber slices slathered in oily dressing, with not a chocolate teapot’s chance of staving off hunger until dinnertime.

So this isn’t a salad, but a “lunch bowl” – something filling and delicious to take to work in a tupperware, or ‘fork food’ for your patio or balcony on a sunny weekend. It is an easy and speedy assembly-job, as let’s face it, no one wants to be slaving away in the kitchen whilst the sun is shining. Continue reading “Recipe: Green Goddess Lunch Bowl”

Recipe: Portobello & Black Bean Fajitas

I recently ordered some fairly disappointing mushroom fajitas in a restaurant, (not very spicy, tasteless guacamole, rubbery wraps….ugh), and came away vowing to make some far tastier ones!  So if you like juicy, garlicky mushrooms, hot and smoky chipotle tomato sauce, creamy avocado, zingy lime and coriander, what are you waiting for?  Stuff them all into a soft tortilla wrap and tuck in – these Portobello and Black Bean Fajitas are for you! Continue reading “Recipe: Portobello & Black Bean Fajitas”