Recipe: Quick & Easy Tomato and Herb Gigantes Beans

Quick & Easy Tomato & Herb Gigantes Beans

20 Min Meals | Vegetarian & VeganBrrrr… we’ve put the heating on this week and my winter coat has surfaced from the back of the wardrobe.  The clocks have gone back, and it’s beginning to feel a lot like autumn.  But instead of craving root vegetable soups and wintery suppers, I’ve been trying to hang on to the last glimpses of summer, (well British Summertime at least), by cooking summer holiday food – the sort of dishes you might enjoy with a cold glass of wine on a sun-drenched terrace overlooking the sea.

Here’s a quick and easy recipe based on the traditional Greek ‘Gigantes Plaki’, (literally ‘giant baked beans’), a meze dish of giant white runner beans in a rich tomato sauce.   Continue reading “Recipe: Quick & Easy Tomato and Herb Gigantes Beans”

Recipe: Curly Kale & Butter Bean Soup (an Optimum ThermoCook Recipe)

Curly Kale & Butterbean Soup

Veganuary-heartMy lunches during Veganuary have often featured lovely homemade soups made at the touch of a button in my trusty Optimum ThermoCook.  (If you haven’t heard about the ThermoCook, read my review here – I’m smitten!).  However, I’m conscious that soup isn’t always as protein-packed as it could be, so have been sneaking beans, lentils, quinoa, peas and all sorts of other vegan protein sources into my soups.

This one was particularly delicious – against all the odds.  When I was shopping for my Cranks Supperclub in December I thought I had picked up 4 tins of chickpeas.   Continue reading “Recipe: Curly Kale & Butter Bean Soup (an Optimum ThermoCook Recipe)”

Recipe: Chipotle-Chocolate Beany Burritos

Chipotle-Chocolate Beany Burritos

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I love cooking ‘from scratch’ and try to do it as much as possible for all sorts of reasons, but in today’s hectic world most of us are on the lookout for time-saving opportunities. I have no shame at all in using shortcuts, ‘cheat’ ingredients and ready-made elements to a home cooked dish, to make feeding the family as quick and simple as possible whilst keeping dinners both nutritious and delicious.

Veetee rice is one of those shortcuts that I use a lot, simply because it tastes great, is so simple to pop in the microwave, and there’s no washing up or stressing about sticky, overcooked rice, (which happens to me all too often!).  There are all sorts of flavours to accompany different veggie dishes Continue reading “Recipe: Chipotle-Chocolate Beany Burritos”

Recipe: Broccoli & Walnut Pesto (and Pasta alla Genovese)

Broccoli & Walnut Pesto | The Veg Space

At last…. I can finally tell you about my latest kitchen gadget that I’m a little bit in love with… my new blender!  Until now, I really didn’t see the point in having a stand-alone blender, thinking my stick-blender and mini-chopper surely did an equivalent job.   Errrr… no.  This is blending on a whole new level – the power of my new Froothie Optimum 9200A is quite incredible, and so far everything I’ve tried making in it, (soups, smoothies, sauces, pestos, cocktails and slushies, mousses and hummus) are just so ultra-smooth and creamy, a world away from my puny little mini-chopper.  I’m now, (as you may have guessed), a total high-speed-blender bore convert.   Continue reading “Recipe: Broccoli & Walnut Pesto (and Pasta alla Genovese)”

Recipe: Pinto Bolognese Stuffed Shells

I’m such a fan of giant pasta shells, (in fact any food with ‘giant’ in its name is onto a winner in our greedy household).  These Pinto Bolognese Stuffed Shells freeze well, so you can make up a huge batch to have on standby for weeknight suppers, or equally they make a great centrepiece for a relaxed weekend lunch with friends, alongside a green salad, garlic dough balls and a bottle of wine.   Continue reading “Recipe: Pinto Bolognese Stuffed Shells”

Recipe: Borlotti & Red Wine Pie topped with kale mash

Borlotti & Red Wine Pie

Here’s a rich and hearty recipe for Borlotti & Red Wine Pie topped with kale mash – perfect for Sunday lunch or a filling supper for a cozy evening in.  The slow-cooked borlotti beans and chestnut mushrooms give the filling a really (dare I say) meaty texture, and the red wine forms a lovely thick gravy… definitely one to serve up to veggie-sceptic carnivores!

If you were in a hurry and wanted to save making mashed potato, try frozen mash instead, or else ready-made puff or shortcrust pastry would also make a lovely pie crust.

Continue reading “Recipe: Borlotti & Red Wine Pie topped with kale mash”