Recipe: The Ultimate Lazy Veggie Lasagne

Ultimate Lazy Veggie Lasagne

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I’m not sure I’ve met anyone who doesn’t like lasagne, but let’s face it – it can be a bit of a chore to make.  Two pots bubbling on the stove, one with a creamy béchamel and the other with a rich, tomato-ey ragù, then all that layering, breaking the lasagne sheets into the right shape, then baking.  It is absolutely always worth the wait, but sometimes I just can’t quite find the motivation.

So here’s something a bit different – a no-chop, no-saucepan, lazy-boy -person’s lasagne.

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Recipe: Kale Pesto & Cauliflower Picnic Pies

Kale Pesto & Cauliflower Picnic Pies

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Who needs a pork pie when you could have a pretty little curly kale pesto pie instead?  Not me!!  I know, picnic season seems such a long way off, but I love serving picnic-style finger-food when we have friends for lunch, even in the depths of winter.  I made these before realising that it’s British Pie Week too, a happy coincidence!

You may not have guessed that the ingredients for these pies are almost all from the freezer cabinet – yes, even the curly kale and parsley.  I was challenged by Iceland to create a recipe from their range of frozen ingredients for their #PowerOfFrozen campaign, and took a trip to my nearest store, which I hadn’t visited before.  Continue reading “Recipe: Kale Pesto & Cauliflower Picnic Pies”

Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower & Cumin Soup with puy lentils

Roasted Cauliflower & Cumin Soup

After a taste of some warm summer sunshine over the last week, Saturday was a bit of a dreary day, and reminded us that it is, after all, still April.  I really fancied some soup with crusty bread, but the fridge was looking more than a little bare.  One soggy cauliflower sat looking grey and sorry for itself at the back of the fridge, with nothing but a lonely onion for company.  So here’s what happened – Roasted Cauliflower & Cumin Soup.

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