Recipe: Fig & Strawberry Jam

Fig & Strawberry Jam

One of the great things about fruit and veg ‘glut’ seasons is that even if you don’t have a garden or allotment of your own, you can often take advantage of the abundant crops via the overflowing bargain aisles at your local supermarket.

I don’t usually shop on a Sunday but popped to our local Co-op for a few essentials, and found these gorgeous looking strawberries and figs reduced for quick sale to under a pound a punnet.  Too good to miss, and I was in need of jam for some Wimbledon-watching scones.

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Recipe: Figgy Christmas Chutney

Christmas Figgy Chutney

I know, I know!! So sorry to use that C-word in October, but I have two very good reasons to do so…. read on!

Firstly, this Figgy Christmas Chutney is designed to be given as a Christmas present, and therefore needs to be ready to eat in 9 weeks time, (arghh!).  Chutney needs at least a month to mature, for the vinegar-y flavour to completely mellow, (many months make it even better!).   So now is the time to dig out your biggest saucepan, find some figs and get this chutney on the go in readiness for that Christmas cheeseboard. Continue reading “Recipe: Figgy Christmas Chutney”

Cheese Sandwich Week – Day 3: Une Petite Baguette

Une Petite Baguette | The Veg Space

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It’s Day 3 of Cheese Sandwich Week and the #BetterWithLeerdammer challenge, and as I’m posting this from France, (the beautiful Loire Valley), today’s cheese sandwich recipe just had to be a ‘petite baguette’.

The creamy Leerdammer Original goes beautifully with watercress and sweet figs.  A quick pesto mayonnaise and sprinkling of chopped walnuts really finish this off.  Pretty as a picture as well as extremely tasty… you can’t get much better than that.  Continue reading “Cheese Sandwich Week – Day 3: Une Petite Baguette”