Recipe: Grönsaksbullar (Swedish Vegan Meatballs)

Grönsaksbullar Swedish Vegan Meatballs

Those clever people at my favourite Swedish flat-packed furniture chain are so good at knowing just what you will fancy after a few stressful hours measuring up wardrobes and working out how much you can actually fit in (or balance on) your car.  Last year they got huge kudos for launching vegan ‘meatballs’ onto their menu, and jolly nice they are too.

Since first trying them I’ve been trying to make my own at home, and this chickpea-based version is definitely my favourite: moist, packed with vegetables and slathered in a mustardy sauce.  Perfect served with some oven chips or rice.

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Recipe: The Ultimate Lazy Veggie Lasagne

Ultimate Lazy Veggie Lasagne

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I’m not sure I’ve met anyone who doesn’t like lasagne, but let’s face it – it can be a bit of a chore to make.  Two pots bubbling on the stove, one with a creamy béchamel and the other with a rich, tomato-ey ragù, then all that layering, breaking the lasagne sheets into the right shape, then baking.  It is absolutely always worth the wait, but sometimes I just can’t quite find the motivation.

So here’s something a bit different – a no-chop, no-saucepan, lazy-boy -person’s lasagne.

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Recipe: Kale Pesto & Cauliflower Picnic Pies

Kale Pesto & Cauliflower Picnic Pies

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Who needs a pork pie when you could have a pretty little curly kale pesto pie instead?  Not me!!  I know, picnic season seems such a long way off, but I love serving picnic-style finger-food when we have friends for lunch, even in the depths of winter.  I made these before realising that it’s British Pie Week too, a happy coincidence!

You may not have guessed that the ingredients for these pies are almost all from the freezer cabinet – yes, even the curly kale and parsley.  I was challenged by Iceland to create a recipe from their range of frozen ingredients for their #PowerOfFrozen campaign, and took a trip to my nearest store, which I hadn’t visited before.  Continue reading “Recipe: Kale Pesto & Cauliflower Picnic Pies”

Recipe: Broccoli, Kale, Chilli & Hazelnut Pizza (Vegan)

Broccoli, Kale, Chilli & Hazelnut Vegan Pizza

Look carefully at the pictures… can you spot what’s ‘missing’ from the pizza?  That’s right – this is a cheese-less pizza, but an extremely tasty one!  I posted pictures on my Instagram feed of a couple of pizzas I made during Veganuary and had requests for recipes, so, (two months later), here you go.

The key to a perfect pizza without cheese is to pack it with flavour and texture.  I steer clear of soft toppings like mushrooms, grilled peppers, artichokes etc which melt in the mouth, (a mushy-topped pizza won’t cut the mustard), and instead go for crispy and crunchy toppings which will do the same job as a crispy cheese crust.

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Recipe: Curly Kale & Butter Bean Soup

Curly Kale & Butterbean Soup

Veganuary-heartMy lunches during Veganuary have often featured lovely homemade soups made at the touch of a button in my trusty Optimum ThermoCook.  (If you haven’t heard about the ThermoCook, read my review here).  However, I’m conscious that soup isn’t always as protein-packed as it could be, so have been sneaking beans, lentils, quinoa, peas and all sorts of other vegan protein sources into my soups.

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Recipe: Kale & Squash Pearl Barley Risotto (an Optimum ThermoCook recipe)

Kale & Squash Pearl Barley Risotto

This Kale & Squash Pearl Barley Risotto is proper winter-warmer comfort food…. not refined restaurant-food by any stretch, but simple and hearty home-cooked grub that will fill you up and warm you through on a chilly evening.  Be warned that pearl barley doubles in size during cooking, so what looks like a measly saucepan of ingredients becomes huge portions + leftovers for lunch in the blink of an eye.

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Recipe: Pappardelle with Cavolo Nero & Walnut Sauce

Pappardelle with Cavolo Nero & Walnut Sauce

20 Min Meals | Vegetarian & VeganCavolo Nero (or ‘black kale’) is a wonderful vegetable that I don’t use often enough.  It has the deep, mineral-y sweetness of kale, and a lovely bobbly texture.  You can cook it in all sorts of ways – boiled, steamed, stir-fried, even roasted, but I’ve included my favourite with the pasta dish below: quickly blanched in boiling water then sautéed in a little olive oil.  This retains some of the bite, but also it’s deep green colour, (and therefore probably lots of lovely vitamins and minerals too).

The idea for this deliciously rich walnut sauce came from a lovely and traditional Italian pasta dish I tried at the recent Food Blogger Connect conference.  It was just served on a paper plate with a plastic fork, but was memorable enough for me to have been experimenting Continue reading “Recipe: Pappardelle with Cavolo Nero & Walnut Sauce”

Recipe: ‘Superfood’ Orzo with roasted broccoli, curly kale & almonds

If you’ve never tried roasting broccoli or curly kale, stop what you’re doing and do it now.  Forget the flabby and watery boiled or steamed versions, roasting these two ‘superfood’ beauties gives them a completely different character – crisp and crackly in some parts, tender in others.

Don’t be tempted to think the ‘Superfood’ Orzo title makes this a virtuous recipe – yes, broccoli, kale, almonds, lemon and garlic are full of good stuff, but balanced here by lashings of butter, feta and veggie parmesan.   Scrummy. Continue reading “Recipe: ‘Superfood’ Orzo with roasted broccoli, curly kale & almonds”