Recipe: Mushroom & Merlot Posh Pasties

Mushroom & Merlot Posh Pasties

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In preparation for National Vegetarian Week (16th – 22nd May), Cranks challenged me to come up with a recipe suitable for Sunday Lunch – something comforting, tasty and filling, which could be served alongside roast potatoes, lots of veggies and lashings of gravy.

For me, a vegetarian option for Sunday Lunch should be big, bold, tasty, and enough of a ‘showstopper’ to make the meat-eaters insanely jealous.  Let’s just say that I’ve never found a nut roast recipe which has ticked all of those boxes.  So instead, here are my ‘posh pasties’ – posh in that they contain merlot, flat-cap mushrooms, puy lentils and thyme, all wrapped in a layer of fabulous, (hopefully homemade), pastry.

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Recipe: Festive Butternut Roast (& what makes the ultimate vegetarian & vegan Christmas dinner?)

Festive Butternut Roast - Vegetarian & Vegan

What to eat as ‘the main event’ for Christmas Dinner can be an annual dilemma, trying to find something suitably festive, with a bit of wow-factor, that the turkey-eaters won’t scoff at.

We’ve tried all sorts of recipes over the years – moroccan-spiced filo affairs, gooey baked cheesey pies, nutty patties, mushroomy wellingtons, aubergine stacks, chestnutty bites which were fondly nicknamed ‘reindeer poo’…. the list goes on.  I often wonder if I will stumble upon a veggie option so good it will become an annual event, just like turkey?  It would certainly take some of the frantic last-minute rush out of trying to decide what to make, and sometimes things we eat only once a year can feel like such a treat – like pancake day.  But I don’t think I’ve found that special dish just yet.

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Recipe: Swiss Chard & New Potato Dhal

Chard & New Potato Dhal web

Swiss Chard is one of those funny vegetables that lots of people grow in their veg patches or allotments, but then don’t really know what to do with.  I’ve had a bumper crop this year of a lovely variety called “Bright Lights” rainbow chard, which really is as pretty as it sounds.  Chard is fairly easy to find in supermarkets and greengrocers, but if you can’t get hold of it, any other green leafy vegetable like kale or spinach would work equally well here.

This dish is not just delicious but also insanely good for you – plenty of protein from lots of lentils, iron and vitamins from leafy green chard,  and fibre and vitamins from the skin-on new potatoes.  Serve with brown rice and this is a nutritionist’s dream!  Continue reading “Recipe: Swiss Chard & New Potato Dhal”