Recipe: Chipotle & Black Bean Chilli

Chipotle & Black Bean Chilli (Vegan)

20 Min Meals | Vegetarian & VeganA chipotle, (pronounced chi-POT-lee), is a smoke-dried jalapeño chilli, used in many Mexican recipes. Chipotle paste, (which is fairly easy to find in supermarkets these days), has a distinctive smoky flavour, and adds a lovely warm and deep spice to a simple chilli like this one.

This quick and easy chilli is incredibly versatile, I use it as a jacket potato filling, in fajitas or tacos, with rice and guacamole for a Mexican feast, or scooped up in a handful of tortilla chips for a speedy lunch.

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Recipe: Speedy & Spicy Chilli Bean Burritos

Speedy & Spicy Chilli Bean Burritos | Vegan & Vegetarian

20 Min Meals | Vegetarian & VeganThese vegan beany burritos are lip-smackingly good, with a filling that is somehow creamy, fresh and spicy, all at the same time.  A perfect weeknight supper for those signed up for ‘Veganuary‘ this year, (or anyone else for that matter!).

If you’re one of those people who can’t eat a fajita without most of it ending up in your lap, the burrito is your friend. ‘Toasting’ the outer wrap until crisp in a dry frying pan acts like a glue to stick it all together and keeps the fillings neatly tucked inside.

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Recipe: Smoky Mexican Quinoa Soup

Smoky Mexican Quinoa Soup

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Here’s a quick weeknight supper which is smoky, spicy, packed with flavour and very filling.  (Oh and it’s really good for you too – bonus!).  Your taste buds will be transported to Mexico with every spoonful, thanks to the chipotle and smoked paprika, coriander, lime and spring onions.

The star of the show here is black quinoa, with its earthy, sweet flavour.  It is classed as a ‘complete protein’ containing 8 essential amino acids, and its delicious flavour and soft texture make it a perfect alternative to rice, pasta and cous-cous.  It really bulks out this soup into a meal in itself – perfect for a speedy and satisfying dinner.

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Recipe: Slow-Cooked Borlotti Bean Chilli (A Veganuary Recipe – Batch Cooking for the Freezer)

Slow-Cooked Borlotti Bean Chilli

Veganuary-heartHappy New Year… and happy Veganuary!  Whether or not you’re taking part and going vegan for January, this smoky and spicy Borlotti Bean Chilli is ideal for making in a huge batch on a rainy Saturday afternoon, then bagging up and freezing for weekday suppers throughout the month.  Chilli is a brilliantly versatile dish to have a stash of in the freezer – you can enjoy it in tortilla wraps, tacos, with rice, in a jacket potato, or even as a pasta sauce.  Continue reading “Recipe: Slow-Cooked Borlotti Bean Chilli (A Veganuary Recipe – Batch Cooking for the Freezer)”

Recipe: Chipotle-Chocolate Beany Burritos

Chipotle-Chocolate Beany Burritos

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I love cooking ‘from scratch’ and try to do it as much as possible for all sorts of reasons, but in today’s hectic world most of us are on the lookout for time-saving opportunities. I have no shame at all in using shortcuts, ‘cheat’ ingredients and ready-made elements to a home cooked dish, to make feeding the family as quick and simple as possible whilst keeping dinners both nutritious and delicious.

Veetee rice is one of those shortcuts that I use a lot, simply because it tastes great, is so simple to pop in the microwave, and there’s no washing up or stressing about sticky, overcooked rice, (which happens to me all too often!).  There are all sorts of flavours to accompany different veggie dishes Continue reading “Recipe: Chipotle-Chocolate Beany Burritos”

Cheese Sandwich Week – Day 4: Melting Mexican Mini-Quesadillas

Melting Mexican Mini-Quesadillas | The Veg Spacea

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Is there anything more deliciously naughty-but-nice than oozing melted cheese?  Surely not, so I was more than excited to discover Leerdammer’s Toastie and Burger cheese – made to a richer, creamier recipe, just perfect for melting.  Of course I couldn’t just take their word for it, so tested it out with these bite-sized Melting Mexican Mini-Quesadillas.

I make quesadillas a lot, (as I’ve mentioned here and here), but thought I would have a go at something more sandwich-sized, (and easier to share with a toddler for lunch!).  Making these in a dry frying pan is super-quick and easy.  Made with avocado, red onion, salsa and fresh coriander, consider them a lovely Mexican twist on a cheese toastie. Continue reading “Cheese Sandwich Week – Day 4: Melting Mexican Mini-Quesadillas”

Recipes: Arrrrrriba! A Veggie Mexican Buffet

If you’ve never eaten at Wahaca, you should… in fact you must.  They serve up some amazing Mexican-inspired street food, specialising in small dishes of which they suggest 2-3 per person, usually finger food.

On Saturday night I tried re-creating some of my favourite Wahaca dishes at home, with a ‘picking dinner’ – no cutlery required, just get stuck in.

It is all very simple to put together, (with a few supermarket shortcuts along the way), and I’ve included below instructions for making the whole jolly lot – which would serve 4 hungry people for a full  meal, or probably 6-8 as just stand-up party nibbles.  Continue reading “Recipes: Arrrrrriba! A Veggie Mexican Buffet”