Recipe: Prosecco & Peach Jellies

Prosecco & Peach Jellies

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The ‘Roaring Twenties’ – a time of flappers, parties, new fashions, new cars, new foods, and fabulous cocktails.  I was recently challenged by Rennie® to create a recipe inspired by the 1920s, as part of their ‘Cooking Through the Decades‘ Campaign.

My thoughts immediately turned to Great Gatsby-style parties, and specifically to cocktails, and I decided to turn the iconic ‘Bellini’ cocktail of prosecco and peach purée into an elegant and refreshing dinner party dessert in the form of jelly.    Continue reading “Recipe: Prosecco & Peach Jellies”

Recipe: Balsamic Peach & Ricotta Tarts

Shops and markets are awash with peaches, nectarines and apricots at the moment, and as they are super-cheap we’ve been eating a lot of them.  Lovely as they are in sweet dishes, I can’t get enough of savoury fruit combinations at the moment and thought I would share my current favourite – peach, balsamic and ricotta.  Yum!

These pretty little tartlets couldn’t be easier to throw together, but have the benefit of looking like you’ve slaved away for hours in the kitchen.  Everyone’s a winner!  The light-as-air flaky pastry crust is filled with lemony whipped ricotta, and topped with juicy roasted peaches tossed in balsamic glaze and scattered with salty crushed pistachios.  Continue reading “Recipe: Balsamic Peach & Ricotta Tarts”

Recipe: Peach & Walnut Chutney

24 hours later and the house still stinks of vinegar, but I’m confident it will all be worthwhile when this gorgeous Peach & Walnut Chutney is ready to eat next month.  There seems to be a lot of peaches and nectarines on special offer in supermarkets at the moment – I got 3 punnets for £1 each – so why not take advantage and have a go at some preserving?   Continue reading “Recipe: Peach & Walnut Chutney”