Recipe: Vegan Cherry Bakewell Tarts

Vegan Cherry Bakewell Tarts

What do you think of when I say Cherry Bakewell?  The factory-made treats with a neat circle of fondant icing and sticky, bright red glacé cherry on top?  Or the proper Derbyshire Bakewell Tart, a sweet pastry case filled with jam and almond frangipane? These are very much the latter, with a lovely vegan almond sponge on top of fresh cherries and cherry jam.

These pretty little tarts are surprisingly easy to make, and are as good served hot with a dollop of soya custard or vegan ice cream for a crowd-pleasing dessert as they are cold for a cake sale or to take into the office.

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Recipe: Moroccan Stuffed Romano Peppers

Moroccan Stuffed Romano Peppers | Vegan

Sweet, roasted romano peppers, lemony giant couscous and harissa-braised chickpeas… this is a surprisingly simple supper that looks great and tastes even better.  Romano peppers are the long, pointy ones now quite widely available in supermarkets.  They work well here because their flesh is quite a bit thinner than a standard pepper, so they can be roasted quickly without turning soggy, but hold their shape.  But of course you could use standard peppers if that’s what you have to hand, just roast them for a little longer than the recipe suggests.

Harissa is one of those ingredients that immediately transports my tastebuds for a mooch around Marrakesh.  I actually used Rose Harissa* which is even better, fragrant and exotic, but the ‘normal’ stuff is fab too, so do use whatever is lurking in your cupboard.

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Recipe: Choc-Chip Macadamia Flapjacks (Vegan)

Choc-Chip Macadamia Flapjacks (Vegan)

Is there anything better than a nice cup of tea and a sit down? Yes…. a Choc-Chip Macacadamia Flapjack, a nice cup of tea and a sit down. I made a big batch of these to take along on a summer holiday with friends, to our old university stomping ground of Durham.

The lovely thing about holidaying in a city you know so well is that you don’t feel the need for round the clock sightseeing, or to tick off all the ‘must-see’ attractions, (of which there are so many in this beautiful little city).  Instead, during a couple of fairly epic afternoon rainstorms, we could just sit around the kitchen table, putting the world to rights with tea and flapjacks, and letting the small army of toddlers and babies we had brought along run riot next door.

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Recipe: Vegan Coronation Coleslaw

Vegan Coronation Coleslaw

Please accept my apologies for the weather this coming weekend.  You see, whenever I get around to posting a BBQ-friendly recipe in anticipation of a hot, sunny weekend you can pretty much guarantee the weather will turn foul and everyone will be hunkering down inside with their slow-cooker stews and hot chocolate rather than sunning themselves around the barbie.

But never mind – this spiced vegan Coronation Coleslaw is good enough to tuck into whatever the weather, and will bring some warming Indian flavours to an indoor picnic or lunch party if rain stops play outside.
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Recipe: Pea, Potato & Pesto Croquettes

Pea Potato & Pesto Croquettes | Vegan & Vegetarian

in collaboration with Taking the Pea

I hadn’t had a potato croquette in years.  They are such a treat – crispy, golden breadcrumbs with a soft mashed potato filling, dunked into ketchup, of course.  I was experimenting recently with some totally more-ish dried peas coated in all your favourite crisp flavours from the cheekily named Taking the Pea, (you may have read about them in my Pea & Wasabi Vegan Mayo post).

Blitzing them into crumbs and using them in place of breadcrumbs seemed like an idea worth working on, with their punchy flavours, protein content and fabulous crunch making them a fine replacement in this much-loved recipe.

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Recipe: Sun-Dried Tomato Butterbean Pâté

Sun-dried Tomato Butterbean Pate Vegan

Finding vegan fillers for sandwiches and wraps can sometimes be a challenge, so here’s a super-quick recipe for a ‘throw it all in and blitz’ pâté that is lip-smackingly tasty, packed with protein, and keeps well in the fridge to use whenever you need it.

This isn’t just for sandwiches, but also makes a great dinner party starter with crispy toast and green salad, a simple party dip for crisps or crudités, or serve it with crackers in place of a cheeseboard.

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Recipe: Avocado Lime Tarts + Cookbook Giveaway

Avocado Lime Tarts Vegan

Celebrating vegetables loud and proud is a big part of what The Veg Space is all about, so I’m properly excited to be sharing news with you of a new cookbook which is out today.  A blogging friend Kate (great name) writes the fabulous blog Veggie Desserts which is all about putting vegetables into cakes, muffins, biscuits, tarts, brownies, pastries and even ice cream, and also features healthy vegetarian and vegan meals, all full of vegetables, of course.

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Recipe: Sticky Sweet Ginger Tofu with Baby Courgettes

Sticky Sweet Ginger Tofu with Baby Courgettes | Vegan & Vegetarian

in collaboration with Cauldron Foods

Until fairly recently I was a tofu-sceptic – loving the stuff in Thai and Japanese restaurants, but often frustrated when cooking it at home and ending up with a soggy, flabby mess.  But I’ve learned a few tricks recently to help get that super-crispy, packed with flavour ‘ultimate’ tofu taste at home and now cook it regularly.

It doesn’t have much of a flavour of its own. but soaks up anything you chuck at it like a sponge, so marinading is a great idea, and pairing it with lots of ginger, garlic, chilli, soy sauce, sesame, coriander and so on makes a huge difference.

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Recipe: Pea & Wasabi Vegan Mayonnaise

Pea & Wasabi Vegan Mayo

In collaboration with Taking the Pea

Oh, the humble green pea – I wonder how many I’ve eaten in my life?  Is it in the ten-thousands or even the hundred-thousands? I have no idea, but I still love them dearly – whether accidentally slathered in ketchup alongside chips and a veggie burger, or straight from the pod whilst no-one is looking in the veg patch.

It was only when I started eating more vegan food and paying attention to things like protein content, fibre and fat that I realised what little green power-houses they are – packed with healthy, plant-based protein, high in fibre and low in calories – in short, the perfect snack for vegans.

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