33 Christmas Gift Ideas for Vegans & Vegetarians

The frantic Christmas shopping season has begun in earnest, and judging by the number of internet searches for “Christmas Gift Ideas for Vegans/Vegetarians” which are landing on last year’s Gift Guide here on The Veg Space, it seemed about time to give you some more ideas for the perfect presents for foodie friends and family.

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21 Christmas Gift Ideas for Vegetarian & Vegan Foodies!

Here’s a roundup of some unique and quirky Christmas gift ideas for vegetarian and vegan foodies.  Most are tried and tested by me, and some are from my own wishlist, but all will bring smiles to your veggie friends and family.

Gifts that keep giving

I love subscription-style gifts which continue to arrive all year long – whether its a magazine subscription (I love Vegetarian Living or Veggie), or one of the ideas below, the vegetarian in your life will have Christmas presents popping through their letterbox for the next 12 months – what a bonus! Continue reading “21 Christmas Gift Ideas for Vegetarian & Vegan Foodies!”

DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas: Getting Organised in the Kitchen

DIY Kitchen Storage Jars |www.TheVegSpace.co.uk

Having moved the entire contents of our kitchen three times in the past 2 years, I was increasingly fed up with finding four almost-empty packets of pearl barley lurking various dark corners of the kitchen, or having to empty an entire cupboard to find the dark brown sugar.  So, before our final house move a few months ago, I decided to get organised.

Pinterest, as usual, was a fantastic source of inspiration and provided free templates and instructions for my three main projects:  Continue reading “DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas: Getting Organised in the Kitchen”

Field to Fork: Veggie Inspiration at Vale House Kitchen

Picking organic veg at The Community Farm in the morning, then cooking it up into veggie delights with chef Tim Maddams of River Cottage fame in the afternoon?  Yes please!  What an inspiring day I spent at the lovely new(ish) Vale House Kitchen “Country Skills & Cookery School” on the outskirts of Bath.   Continue reading “Field to Fork: Veggie Inspiration at Vale House Kitchen”

10 things we discovered during ‘Veganuary’

Oops… somehow its nearly the end of February and I’ve only just got round to posting a roundup of how we got on.

Better late than never, here’s 10 things we discovered during Veganuary:

1. The transition from vegetarian to vegan isn’t nearly as difficult as I expected.  Sitting down to plan our first week’s meals felt like a bit of a chore, but once we had got the hang of what we couldn’t and couldn’t eat, and worked out some substitutions and shortcuts, it was pretty straightforward.  Continue reading “10 things we discovered during ‘Veganuary’”

Signing up for ‘Veganuary’

Happy New Year!  As part of a new year’s health kick, we are taking part in Veganuary – giving up dairy products for January.

So far the main challenges have been getting used to soya milk in tea, (the jury is still out!), and reading the ingredient list so carefully on everything I buy.  Very few supermarkets seem to label foods as vegan, and even their websites are fairly unhelpful.  But in 3 days I have learnt a lot, and we’re not yet missing cheese too much!   Continue reading “Signing up for ‘Veganuary’”