Recipe: Ultimate Vegan Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Vegan Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

The most memorable hot chocolate I’ve ever had was in Zürich a few years ago.  Part of the reason it was so memorable was its price tag, at 14,50 CHF (that’s over £11!!) for a fairly small cup.  But in fact it was worth every penny (or swiss franc).  Incredibly rich, creamy, intensely chocolatey, with a pinch of salt and sprinkle of cinnamon – it could have poured straight out of the page of Joanne Harris’ Chocolat.  

It doesn’t sound very vegan does it.  But here’s my dairy-free version which is every bit as decadent, using hazelnut milk and dark chocolate.

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Recipe: Bonfire Night Mulled Blackberry Wine

Mulled Blackberry Wine

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Mulled wine is too good to save just for Christmas, and Bonfire Night, when you’re waiting around in the cold for the fireworks to start, is surely the perfect night to make your first batch of the year.  The lovely thing about starting early with mulled wine is that there are still (just!) a few blackberries around, so my recipe below starts with a blackberry and apple syrup infused with cinnamon, cloves and vanilla, to which you add a bottle of red wine and gently heat it through for a wonderful warming tipple.

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Recipe: English Garden Cocktail

English Garden Cocktail

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I mentioned last week that making bread is a simple pleasure that I don’t get around to nearly often enough, and making really good cocktails falls into the same category.  Digging out the cocktail shaker, measuring the ingredients carefully, shaking over ice, straining into beautiful glasses, and going a bit overboard on the ‘garnish art’…. cocktail making is fun, and I really should do it more often. is a brilliant website full of really excellent cocktail recipes to suit every taste and budget.  You can search by what’s in your cupboard, lower-calorie cocktails, one-unit cocktails and even alcohol-free ‘mocktails’.  Continue reading “Recipe: English Garden Cocktail”

Recipe: Cherry Cordial

Cherry Cordial

We had a 2nd birthday to celebrate this week, and as the weather was unseasonably lovely I took the opportunity to make some refreshing and deliciously fruity homemade cherry cordial.  “Cherries?”, I hear you cry… “but they’re not in season until July”.  Well here I’ve used a packet of frozen cherries instead.

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